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To support the pastoral, social and academic needs of students with identified special education needs.Overview of key resourcing and school support issues as applied to students with identified special educational needs - Familiarity with and effective use of available resources to support students.Student Support Programmes - ongoing support of the reading programme, initiation of other student support programmes in response to identified student needs, transition of students with special education needs into the school is monitored and supported as necessary.Recruiting, training and supervision of kaiāwhina - provision of teacher aide support for students with special education needs who require this, within resourcing available.

  • Referral process (A referral is the process or steps taken by someone in order to get extra assistance for someone else/or themselves with whom they directly work or can see a need for support) ... 
    • teacher referral (teachers complete referrals only when they believe that a student requires additional intervention
    • student (when a student can self-refer for extra support)
    • parent/caregiver (when a parent can refer their child to support that they think they may need)  


Our aim is to provide holistic health care, in order to foster the learning, growth and wellbeing of our students. These principles and values are the cornerstones upon which we build the strong, positive and respectful relationships that typify and are integral to the daily life of our Kura and community. The nurse provides a comprehensive health service within the school.There is one nurse – Rangihoia Hollis (Registered Nurse). The service offered is private and confidential, but if harm is involved there may be the need to discuss the issue with a third person.The health centre is open from 9am – 3:00pm (Mon,Wed & Fri) with an open door policy during break times. Any student who needs to come to the health centre during class time will need to go to the tari first.If the nurse needs to call a student from class, a note will usually be sent via the tari.​​​​​​​


There are two part-time counsellors onsite – Akenisi Drugu and Api Drugu available to students and staff. The service offered is private and confidential. They can also refer to external kaupapa Māori mental health counsellors for complex cases if/where needed. The Guidance counsellors are available to students and staff from 9am – 3:00pm (Monday & Tuesday) with an open door policy during break times.




Through this organisation we receive kai, nit and kutu products, clothing and shoes, by clicking on this link you can make a difference in someones or even your own - you can either be a donor or access their products through the Kura SENCo/LSC. 

Kids Variety 


By clicking on this link you can make a difference in someones life or even your own - you can either be a donor or even apply for funding yourself.  See your Kura SENCo/LSC for more information or assistance. At Variety – the Children’s Charity, our support is focused on improving the wellbeing of children and young people across New Zealand.​

We believe every Kiwi kid deserves the same opportunity for a happy, healthy childhood.



By clicking on this link you can make a difference in someone else's life, and they are local as well.

Ka Ora, ka Ako (Free School Lunches)

Our Kura have been fortunate to be in on this Ministry of Education initiative, currently we have our own chef/catering staff.  The lunches are nutritious and are provided everyday.​


Good Neighbour


This organisation supports our Kura with kai - this enables us to reach out to our community and provide for those in need.  They are always looking for volunteers for their various community projects, if you have the time, give them a call.

RTLB (Resources Teacher of Learning and Behaviour)

If their services are needed, RTLB can assist students’ wellbeing and learning by supporting their teachers. RTLB help teachers, schools, kura and Kāhui Ako to develop inclusive classroom environments that enhance students’ learning, participation and wellbeing.  ​https://www.education.govt.nz/school/student-support/special-education/resource-teachers-learning-and-behaviour-service/

Access to free Sanitary Products

Our Kura has signed up to this Ministry of Education initiative to assist tauira by providing these products when needed. 


Kickstart Breakfast

Our Kura are provided with Weetbix from Sanitarium and Milk from Anchor for tauira to partake if they need to.